Video and Film Projects

First-Time Caller, Longtime Listener (post-production)

Comedy series of 7-minute shorts starring Jill Pangallo and Max Juren

Where paranormal gets personal — From Bigfoot to UFOs, this late-night call-in talk show host has heard it all — and frankly she’s tired of listening. When conversations get real, callers learn “the truth” is sometimes better left unsaid.


Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a short film about living long. Starring David Blackwell and Lana Dieterich.

Shadow Healer Dream Movies

These three short promo films were written and produced as part of a TV pitch for a serial of the graphic novel Shadow Healer. Meant to be evocative and dreamy, the narratives reference plot points in the graphic novel but take the story in an entirely new direction for a ten-episode series.