Data-Driven Before It Was A Thing

Rob Banner cited the confluence of marketing technology and advertising technology, aka MadTech, as possibly the most important space in business today as it has the potential to disrupt whole markets via the successful deployment of the right tools and strategies — tools and strategies driven by data. But As email marketers, data-driven strategies are integral to everything we do. So much, in fact, that the term can ring as a bit of cliché. Email has always been a technology-enabled medium and a data-enabled medium. One could argue that, historically, that was the distinction between marketing and advertising; marketing was behavior or data-driven, and advertising was not. Increasingly, we see these worlds merging around data as customer experience, and customer perception, shape sales. Brand loyalty becomes determined by a company’s ability to truly understand their customers’ wants and needs, and act on those insights. In this new reality, everything is data driven and the distinction and division between marketing and advertising disappear. Read more…

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